Jen Jezierski: Sports Journalist

A sports journalist can be a lot like an athlete. They have many of the same qualities but put them to use differently.


Like Joe Maddon, I am always looking for new things to learn to improve myself and my team. Not only am I always craving new knowledge, I go out of my way to teach myself new things and am driven to teach others as well.


Like Brian Urlacher, I am always excited at new opportunities. My heart and my soul are in everything I do and everything I try. I take pride in my work. When I do well personally and professionally, it shows in my outgoing personality.


Like Derrick Rose, I am constantly working hard to improve my game. As a sports journalist, my game is writing and reporting. It is important that I constantly improve myself to keep my company and myself ahead of the competition.


Like Tom Brady, I am a person who speaks well. I speak in a way that not only enhances my point but does not come off in a way that diminishes me or my company. In my job, I am apt to phrasing questions in a way that is not only easily understood but is also thought-provoking.


Like Jim Thome, I am a person who works to gain your trust and keep it. I want you to rely on me to help enhance your company.

My name is Jen Jezierski, and I want to hit a home run for your team. Please click through my website to see if this sports journalist is a great fit for you.